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Why Colours Of Clothes Fade In The Wash And Elsewhere

laundry drying on line

How can laundry colour fade so quickly? The answer is simple - light colour fades away very fast from direct exposure to the sun, which means that it's important to hang up clothes to ventilate them. But another cause for laundry colour fade is from what the manufacturers call "bleach". Bleach can be used on cotton to help it gain a lighter shade, but once again, direct exposure isn't the only thing that causes it. Many washing machines actually contain some form of bleach.

The most common bleach used in a washing machine for laundry colour fade is called "odium hypochlorite". It's often used in the pre-washing stage, as it works quite well. Unfortunately, this bleaching agent also has some negative side effects. For example, laundry powder will develop if it's not properly pre-washed. Also, some types of bleaches have a deodorizing effect.

Many people find that using chlorine bleach in their washer and dryer helps reduce the appearance of laundry. It works because chlorine acts as an irritant and dries out the colours in fabrics. When using this kind of bleach, make sure you use pure water and not tap water, and that you rinse everything out thoroughly after use. If you're concerned about the smell left behind by chlorine bleach, you can add a few drops of ammonia to the wash load or add 2 tablespoons of baking soda to your wash load. Both of these remedies work well.

If your clothes aren't coming out quite as brightly as they did when they were new, they may need more than just the washing machine to brighten them up. They may need a trip to the hair salon. Hair stylists and colourist use a variety of chemicals on the hair to give it that professional look. One popular chemical is called "mineral", and it works well on even dyed white clothes.

If your clothes are starting to turn yellow instead of white, they probably have been exposed to the sun. The best solution for removing colour from clothing is to use lemon juice and vinegar. Simply pour a small amount of each into a spray bottle, shake up, and apply to stains immediately. Lemon juice and vinegar are also very effective at removing stains from wooden furniture.

Of course, white vinegar isn't strong enough to completely whiten a garment, but it will certainly cut down on the yellowing that can occur over time. If you have a problem with yellowing clothes, you should start bleaching your whites as soon as possible. Laundry dye products are cheap and readily available at most department stores, and they're a great way to quickly fix those unsightly stains.